Promise Oil Cleanser with Frankincense -30ml


Get ready to have the cleanest, dewiest skin ever with Promise Hemp cleansing oil.  It may sound strange but cleansing with oil actually helps regulate and calm the skin, including oily and acne prone skin.  It is a known fact that oils cleanses oil, it makes perfect sense!

This gentle and effective organic skincare blend is made with pure essential oils including New Zealand grown hemp seed oil is the perfect choice to clean and nourish your skin without blocking the pores. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its efficacy and results.

Hemp seed oil is packed full of omega fatty acids, known to be anti-inflammatory and plumping for the skin.  Deliciously Citrus oils of Orange and lemon work with Jojoba to gently cleanse and de-congest the skin.  Rare and beneficial Frankincense oil helps to reduce blemishes and fine lines while balancing skin tone.   Apricot Kernel and Carrot Oil feed your skin with powerful and natural antioxidants.

Remove the grime of the day including a full face of makeup,  even the most stubborn waterproof eye makeup will be gently lifted and wiped away.

How to Oil Cleanse:

Gently massage the face and neck and remove with a warm moist hemp face cloth.


We recommend following with promise Hemp serum to soften and nourish.