Feinerman’s is all about living well!

That’s a value that has long sat at the heart of our hometown, Roxburgh, a place with deep connection to the land. A place where orchards, farms, and rivers have provided nourishment, employment and enjoyment for generations. A place where opportunity abounded in the heady days of the gold rush.

It’s a place where this history and tradition are an integral part of our identity today, where our sense of community remains strong and where opportunity for a good life still draws newcomers.

We created Feinerman’s as a place that celebrates our region’s long-standing value of simple, wholesome living, while providing a space that continues to nurture a sense of belonging through community and connection. It’s a space that reflects the ethos of our town – that healthy living and healthy food go hand in hand.

Our Heritage

In 1877, the doors on Feinerman’s schist stone building first opened as a general store. We’re proud that over 140 years later we’ve brought this iconic space back to life with a nod to its origins; to once again serve as an iconic community hub, offering health and nourishment to locals, visitors and online customers as a whole foods store.

Our Philosophy

We want to give our local community and visitors access to food that is good for the body and the soul. This includes organic goods, craft chocolate and a great range of healthy snacks at everyday good prices.

The food we stock is chosen to provide you with beneficial nourishment, whether it’s to help you feel good everyday, or to provide nutritious energy through the many outdoor activities that we’re lucky to have on our doorstep.

Our Story

We are a husband and wife team, Sally and Carl. We are city escapees who sought a lifestyle without stress. We made Roxburgh our home in 2014, drawn here by the vast rocky outcrops, the big open spaces, the magic blue colour of the mighty Clutha river and the outstanding bike trails right on our doorstep. It was an opportunity to embrace the outdoors, exercise and wholesome food to achieve a healthy balance in our lives.

We fell in love with the beautiful stone building, taking pride in its place on the main street of our town, and in 2017 embraced the opportunity to buy it and pursue our passion. With Sally’s background in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer and nutrition health coach, our vision was clear. After 6 months transforming the interiors, we had a space where we could share our love of good food and wellness with the community we cherish.

Meet Sally

My background includes successfully managing the Queenstown Winter Festival, where I gained a deep understanding of the significant impact of stress on our health. After concluding my role in 2009, I resolved to reduce stress in my own life and help others do the same.

If you want to explore “Central”, the place we call home, then come see us at Feinerman’s store on the main street of Roxburgh and we will point you in the right direction. We may even send you off with some healthy goodies from the store to take on your adventure!