Harissa Premium Spice Blend 55G


Harissa is a Tunisian blend and is the traditional chilli accompaniment to couscous. Harissa can also be used in a heated marinade. Alexandra's Harissa includes 16 herbs and spices including chili, lemon, garlic and tomato.

How to Use:

  • Add Harissa to bolognese or pizza sauce, or add to your favourite meatball recipe
  • Add to meat patties
  • Sprinkle over vegetables before you roast them
  • Add a dash to a Bloody Mary for a spicy kick
  • Mix with yoghurt and use as a marinade for fish or chicken
  • Stir into scrambled eggs, or bean and lentil soups
  • Stir into greek yoghurt with some chopped parsley and red onion and serve with toasted pita, flatbreads or corn chips
  • Stir into hummus

Allergy Information:

Gluten free and vegan friendly.