Bloat Buddy

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Digestive disturbances are affecting more individuals than ever, largely due to daily stress, how we eat and what we eat. These combined factors create a host of issues for many of us to the point where bloating, heartburn, sore stomachs, flatulence, strange bowel movements and cramps have become the norm. These may be common, but they certainly shouldn’t be our normal.

Introducing Bloat Buddy — a fully plant-based digestive aid, designed to support digestion and detoxification in times of overindulgence, and to ease feelings of discomfort and fullness. 


  • Contains GutGard® Liquorice extract, clinically researched to promote digestive health with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, while relieving bloating & gas.

  • Contains Globe Artichoke Leaf extract, a digestive aid to improve feelings of fullness and flatulence, while promoting bowel regularity.

  • Contains Ginger Root Extract, which soothes a sore gut, aids bowel movements and supports symptoms of indigestion, nausea, abdominal discomfort and slow transit time.

Who needs this product?

Bloat Buddy was created for those who commonly find themselves saying "I'm always so bloated", "I'm too bloated to wear those jeans", and who struggle with everyday gut woes.

Bloat Buddy FAQs:

Is Bloat Buddy pregnancy & breastfeeding friendly?

  • Unfortunately Bloat Buddy is not safe for those pregnant or breastfeeding - due to the fact that the herbs in the formulation haven't been studied during pregnancy, so we like to err on the side of caution here.

Is Bloat Buddy safe to take if you have a stomach ulcer?

  • Yes. Bloat Buddy is safe to take for those with stomach ulcers, as well as those with gastritis and H.pylori infections.

Who can take Bloat Buddy?

  • Bloat Buddy is safe for those aged 12+. For optimal results, take 1 capsule of Bloat Buddy 20 mins prior to breakfast and lunch, or lunch & dinner. Basically whichever meals you need some extra help to digest.

Can I take Bloat Buddy with other Eve supplements?

  • Totally, Bloat Buddy can be taken with all other Eve products! Our range of Eve supplements are designed to target key concerns and work together beautifully. Combine Bloat Buddy with V Good Probiotics as the ultimate duo for gut health & digestion - digestive aids & probiotics are a match made in gut health heaven.

Is Bloat Buddy vegan?

  • Yes! Bloat Buddy is a completely plant based herbal formulation.