Stock your pantry with paleo essentials

by / Mar 06, 2019
Sticking to a particular way of eating is much easier when you know that you have the staples at hand in your pantry to turn to. It’s not just finding the right ingredients for mealtimes that can get confusing. It’s also snacking, treats or those ‘need-to-grab-a-bite’ moments where we can become unstuck and eat something that is convenient, rather than something that is in line with our preferred dietary choices - like keto or paleo. The best way to start is to clear your pantry of the items that no longer align with your diet choices, or at least put them out-of-sight somewhere they are not within easy reach or eye line.
To help keep you on track, we’ve put together a list of paleo staples so you can stock up and ensure your pantry is full of food that you know is the right choice for you!

Almond flour

Given that paleo is all about going grain-free, replace your flour with almond flour so you always have some ready to whip up paleo baking.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This versatile tonic is a must have for any healthy home. Raw apple cider vinegar has a natural probiotic bacteria that is great for gut health. You can use it to make salad dressings, add to smoothies, toss in with bone broth or even have a shot with warm water to kick-start your day. Choose a brand that is raw, unfiltered and with the ‘mother’.

Bone broth

Bone broth will add flavour to meals like soups and stews. It’s also super nourishing, high  in protein and rich in minerals and other healing compounds that support your immunity, digestive health and bone health.


If you can’t imagine a world without chocolate, you don’t have to go without it just because you want to eat a paleo diet. Chocolate like Bennetto Natural Food Co have options that are paleo friendly, so you can go on indulging in your favourite treat.

Coconut aminos

This is a great pantry staple for adding delicious flavour - without the soy. It’s made from the sap of organic coconut flowers, naturally fermented with organic herbs and spice to produce a umami flavour. It’s a paleo-friendly choice instead of soy sauce for dressings, marinades or dipping sauce.

Coconut flour

Coconut flour is versatile and another great gluten-free option for baking as it mixes well with other flours. As it absorbs a lot of liquid, it’s best to add at least 20% more liquid to the recipe.

Coconut oil

Aim to choose a raw coconut oil, as processing removes and destroys the nutrients. Use for cooking and baking - or anywhere you need an alternative to other oils.

Fresh fruit and veges

It goes without saying that you should have a selection of in-season, locally-grown fresh fruit and vegetables filling your fridge. They’re important not just for meals, sandwiches and salads, but as a healthy snack to reach for when you’re feeling peckish throughout the day.

Granola or Paleo mix

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to mix up your own granola, there are convenient mixes you can grab so that you know you always have breakfast or a simple snack sussed. Paleo-specific or gluten-free mixes are handy for anyone avoiding wheat and grains, and will have much less sugar than standard cereals.

Konjac Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice are often meal-time staples, so if you’re avoiding them, Konjac alternatives are handy to have. It means you can still make your favourite dishes, but use a natural vegetable choice instead. Konjac is high in fibre, dairy free, gluten free and vegan.

Maple syrup

Add natural sweetness to baking or other recipes with maple syrup. It’s a healthier choice as a sugar substitute, while still adding plenty of sweetness and flavour.

Nuts & Seeds (+butters)

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews and almonds are a good option for snacking, using for baking, adding to salads, making your own granola or for making your own butters. Aside from traditional peanut butter, you can also make or buy butters made from a variety of nuts and seeds that you can have with your favourite snack, or blend into your smoothies.
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