Zoop 2 n 1 Hair & Body Block


Look your best no matter where your tent is pitched! Our 2 in 1 Glamping bars are formulated to work both indoors and outside, in warm home showers or cold campsite showers.

  • Luxury detoxing and cleansing shampoo bar

  • Works in both fresh and salt water

  • Biodegradable formulas and packaging

  • Perfect for all hair types that are neither too oily, nor too dry.

  • Aloe Vera revitalises and restores for soft, smooth hair.

  • By using our solid bars and not liquid formulations you saved approximately 3 plastic bottles and 2.7 litres of water

    This luxury plant-powered solid shampoo and body wash block, will protect and nourish your hair and skin, while enriching your skin with the vitamin and moisturising benefits of Aloe Vera and the anti-bacterial and toxin absorbing properties of Activated Charcoal.