Wynyard Estate Saffron 0.5G

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Not all Saffron is created equal and like wine it can take a trained eye, nose and pallet to know the difference. Saffron ranges from Grade I to Grade III  and grades are determined by the Colour, Flavour and Aroma of the Saffron.

We know what happens with our Wynyard Estate NZ Saffron from the time it flowers to the time it's packaged. Annually since 2015, we have had our Saffron tested (by the University of Otago) against the stringent international standards for Saffron quality (ISO 3632).

Results showed that Wynyard Estate Saffron grown here in New Zealand is Premium Grade 1, meaning it -

  • Is superior in colour, taste and aroma than low quality Saffron

  • Is Sargol Saffron with no floral waste (meaning it is pure Saffron and nothing else)

  • Is 100% Guaranteed Premium Grade 1 as set by the International Standards for Saffron quality

  • Not blended with any other Saffron

  • Packaged to high standards

…100% guaranteed every-time.