The Spice Trader Yellow Mustard Seeds - 50g


Mustard is the seed of an erect, multi-branched herbaceous plant. During the Middle Ages mustard was introduced into Spain by Arab traders, and it was soon carried throughout Europe.

Native range  

Southern Europe, Western Asia (black and yellow mustard); India (brown mustard)

Taste and aroma  

Whole mustard seeds have little or no aroma. The hot taste which gives mustard its ‘bite’ is released only when the seeds are crushed or ground and mixed with water. This activates an enzyme present in the seeds, and it reacts with other natural constituents to produce the essential oil which gives the characteristic taste.

Culinary uses  

Mustard is an indispensable ingredient in cooking. Yellow mustard seeds are used primarily as a pickling and preserving spice, and in marinades. Black and brown mustard seeds are used in India in curry powders and in spiced ghee (baghar or tadka). Ground yellow mustard powder is used in salad dressing and mayonnaise, where it helps the emulsification of the egg yolk and oil.


All forms of mustard store well for many months provided they are kept scrupulously dry.