The Spice Trader Smoked Paprika - 40g


Paprika is a fine powder made from especially mild varieties of capsicum peppers. For smoked paprika, the peppers are slow-dried over oak fires, resulting in an unmistakable smokey flavour and aroma.

Native range  

Central America, South America, Caribbean Islands

Taste and aroma  

The aroma of paprika tends to be delicate with various types having hints of caramel, fruitiness, or smokiness. Flavours vary from sweetly smoky to more full bodied and pungent with a hint of bitterness.

Culinary uses  

Smoked paprika is an essential ingredient for authentic Spanish cooking, in dishes such as paella and lomo pork loin. Smoked paprika is used in chorizo sausage and can be used as a seasoning for barbeque pork and kebabs. It is also a great addition to lamb and beef stews.

Try combining smoked paprika with lemon juice and olive oil for a delicious rub for grilled meat or fish, or simply sprinkle it on root vegetables before roasting.

Paprika should never be overheated since it becomes bitter.