The Spice Trader Ground Star Anise - 30g


Star anise is the dried fruit of a small to medium evergreen tree. The tree bears fruit after about 6 years and can have a productive life of up to 100 years. Each point of the star-shaped husk contains a shiny amber-coloured seed. Both the seed and husk are used for the ground spice.

Native range  

Southern China, Vietnam

Taste and aroma  

The aroma is fennel- and anise-like, with warm notes of liquorice. The flavour is pungent and sweet, and distinctly liquorice-like.

Culinary uses  

Star anise is one of the most important spices in Chinese cuisine and it is the dominant flavour in Chinese five spice powder. In Chinese and Vietnamese cooking, star anise is used in soups and stocks, and in meat preparations especially chicken and pork. Star anise is also a regular ingredient in the cuisine of southern India. It is little used in western cuisine, but is excellent for enhancing the sweetness of leeks, pumpkin, and root vegetables.


The whole spice will last for up to a year if kept away from bright light in an airtight container. The ground spice lasts for only 2-3 months so should be bought in small quantities.