The Spice Trader Ground Cassia - 100G


Cassia Ground has a slightly sweet flavour and is often compared to cinnamon. Cassia is a good substitute for cinnamon in rich dishes such as curries where a more potent flavour is desired.

Its strong, bold flavour is naturally far more intense in the ground form when compared to the whole bark and its smooth texture as a finely ground powder makes it easy to incorporate into many recipes. Whereas whole cassia bark is often used for infusing flavour in slow-cooked dishes, stews, and simmering liquids, this is ideal for recipes where the spice needs to be evenly distributed, such as in batters, doughs, and sauces.

Ground cassia was a valuable commodity in the ancient spice routes that connected Asia with the Middle East and Europe. Ancient civilisations such as Egypt, China and India all held it in high esteem thanks to its aromatic properties and potential health benefits.

The ground form is delicious as a meat rub for beef, lamb and other meats with a high fat content. Try also using when baking apple pies, Danish pastries or cakes for an alternative taste to cinnamon.