The Spice Trader Coriander Seeds

Small 20g

Coriander is a slender, solid-stemmed plant belonging to the carrot and parsley family, growing to a height of about 0.6 m. It is used both as a herb (the leaves) and a spice (the dried fruits or seeds).

Native range  

Mediterranean Region, Middle East

Taste and aroma  

Coriander seeds have a sweet, woody fragrance with peppery and floral notes. The taste is sweet, mellow, and warm with a clear hint of orange peel.

Culinary uses 

Coriander is generally used in larger amounts than other spices because its flavour is mild. After dry roasting, coriander forms the basis of many curry powders and masalas. Whole coriander may be added to chicken and pork casseroles, and it is one of the ingredients in pickling spice. It is also used in condiments, seasonings, and as an ingredient in sweet spice mixtures for cakes and biscuits.


The seeds have a long shelf life and are easily ground to a powder.