Polly's Black Sauce

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POLLY'S BLACK SAUCE is made from a recipe developed in the early 19th Century in the kitchen of a convent. The nuns were well known for their gardens that provided most of the food for the convent and the local poor. They were also expert sauce makers and this recipe for Worcestershire Sauce, was one of their favorites. The recipe has been handed down through several generations and is brought to you now as Polly's Black Sauce. A nearly 200-year-old recipe that is as good today as when it was first made.

For over 60 years Pollys Black Sauce has been made in a small kitchen in Southland, only enjoyed by Polly and her ever-growing family.

Hard-working men and women that came off the farm, the wharf, or out of the abattoirs that needed the perfect accompaniment to their simple kiwi meals.

Pollys Black Sauce is anything but simple. Rich and smooth, it pairs perfectly with almost any meal including meats, soups, and salads. Countless meals have been enjoyed around Polly's table, where there was always plenty to go around and anyone was welcome. And if there happened to be a bottle of Pollys Black Sauce on the table, there wouldn’t be many empty seats. Polly's family and friends have always known her Worcestershire sauce was the best around and now you can find out for yourself.