Ollie's Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Large 500ml
Medium 250ml
Small 100ml

Central Otago is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty and is the home to world-class wines, cherries and stone fruit. We are very much small batch; we don’t make much each year and are at the mercy of frost pre-harvest, which occurs in late May/June. Some years we have more oil than others!

Our fruit comes from groves planted on stony soil, which is free draining, and we are fortunate to have low disease pressures, given our cold frosty winters and low rainfall and humidity.

Ollie's is a blend of frantoio and leccino (Tuscan) varieties which are ideally suited to our cold winters as they can handle more frost pre-harvest and thrive in our hot summers.

Ollie's oil is a small batch, family-owned extra virgin olive oil grown and pressed by us on-site in our Italian olive press.  We press our olives within hours of picking from the trees, which makes for oils of the freshest & highest quality. The blend is from Tuscan varieties - predominantly frantoio and leccino, for a delicious combination of fruitiness and peppery flavours - which will add so much to your favourite dishes.