Ocho Salted Caramel Craft Chocolate 70% Cacao 95G

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We’ve added our own twist to bring you some different flavoured dark bars. All are soy and gluten free and the Short Black and Horopito & Kawakawa are vegan friendly.

We believe that chocolate is something you can and should feel good about. Craft chocolate is delicious, healthy and sustainable. Good for the growers, makers, and eaters alike.

Ocho chocolate aims to bring out the unique flavours of the beans that vary from origin to origin and harvest to harvest - making each batch unique.

Sea salted chunks of caramel are encased in a 70% cacao Papua New Guinea base. It’s rich and dark, but loaded with light, crunchy chunks of caramel. Contains dairy.


Cacao Beans (49%), sugar, Butter, Vanilla, Sea Salt