No Waste Organic Gardening

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Covering dozens of ways to recycle and re-purpose your way to a successful organic garden, No-Waste Organic Gardening shows you how to be a smart, responsible gardener.

In this second book in the internationally successful No-Waste Gardening series, learn how to recycle and re-purpose your way to a successful, productive, and eco-friendly organic garden! In No-Waste Organic Gardening, author Shawna Coronado guides you toward a more sustainable landscape with dozens of tips, tricks, and solutions that save you time and money-all while saving the planet, too! A revision of Shawna's previous title,101 Organic Gardening Hacks, this new book tackles waste-reducing gardening in a clever, accessible way. Learn how to:

• Upcycle household discards to grow seedlings
• Turn yard debris into "black gold" in a DIY compost bin
• Control pests with traps made from household discards
• Build a rain barrel from an old trash can
• Mix up your own potting soil to reduce plastic bag waste
• Protect spring plantings with re-purposed jugs, jars, and containers
• Build a new raised bed with everyday items-no power tools required!

Plus, you'll find solutions to common garden problems and plenty of innovative and resourceful ways to reduce your outgoing waste. Conquering the increasingly important art of responsible gardening is a whole lot easier than you might think, with help from No-Waste Organic Gardening. For more advice on living waste-free, explore the first book in the No-Waste Gardening series, No-Waste Kitchen Gardening.