Marsh's Honey Comb - All sizes

Large 320g
Small 100g

The Marsh’s Honey brand is well known for its white high country clover honey.   It is also recognised for the long standing pollination services that the bees have provided on farms and orchards throughout the Teviot Valley.

The honey has a unique mild flavour, smooth texture and creamy white appearance. The honeycomb has won the NZ Apiculture Cut Comb Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

It remains a small scale artisan business that continues to use traditional methods to produce the Marsh’s Honey products. The beekeepers understand the current day threats to bee health worldwide but rest assured at Marsh’s Honey they strive for sustainability with careful management practices. Each year the preference is to leave the bees with a generous amount of honey on each hive so they can survive what can be difficult spring conditions in Central Otago. This also means there is no need for artificial supplementary sugar feeding which allows the bees to have better nutrition and helps maintain the distinctive flavour of the honey.

As well as the family tradition in ownership, there is even continuity in the bees. Due to the practise of raising their own queens, there is likely to be lineage going back to the Italian queens Charlie introduced in his era.

At Marsh’s Honey, the small team are the beekeepers. Russell and Trudie produce the queens, that produce the bees, that produce the honey that the Marsh’s Honey team pack and distribute and deliver. They are a full value chain small business.

Marsh’s Honey are proud to be a menu option at Al Brown’s Best Ugly Bagel franchises and also have NZ chef Annabelle White as a big fan.