Little Bird Almond Dukkah Activated Crackers


We’ve reinvented crackers!

You wont find any wheat in these crispy morsels. We gave baking the boot too. We think you'll love our tasty crackers. They're full of organic, raw activated nuts and seeds, dehydrated to a satisfying crunch.

A wonderfully warming dukkah blend of traditional mediterranean herbs and spices, layered over a delicious base of activated almonds, activated sunflower seeds, golden flax seeds and walnuts

Not only do they make a smart nutrition-filled addition to your ‘cheese’ platter, you can also break them up over your salad to add a tasty raw organic, gluten-free crouton crunch.

Um... So, what does ‘Activated’ mean?
Activating is Nature’s mini miracle - starting the germination cycle in nuts and seeds enhances nutrient bioavailability (you get more bang for your buck). Activating helps break down phytic acid and tannins which can inhibit the absorption and bioavailability of minerals and nutrients — like magnesium and B vitamins. Clever huh?

Ingredients: Golden Flax Seeds*Activated Sunflower Seeds*, Activated Almonds†(24%), Walnuts†, Buckwheat*, Sesame Seeds*, Nutritional Yeast, Fennel Seeds*, Sea Salt, Cumin, Coriander*, Black Pepper*, Onion* Cayene Pepper* 

†Ingredient in transition to organic

*Certified Organic Ingredients

Contains: Almonds, Walnuts, Sesame