Lindo Capers in Salt 80G


Lindo Capers in Salt  are plump, hand picked Turkish capers preserved in salt. Capers preserved in dry salt are far better than the ones in brine, which taste mainly of vinegar. The ones in salt are more flowery, more like flower buds, which is of course what capers are.

To use capers in salt, first rinse away all the salt (unless the dish they’re going into is very badly in need of salt), and then, according to how much salt the dish will need, soak them in water for a quarter of an hour or more, remembering that as salt is drawn out, so is caper flavor. For eating simply with bread, before a meal, in places in northern Italy the rinsed and drained capers are soaked for an hour in good red wine vinegar, drained again, and excellent olive oil is added to cover. Capers are used either raw or cooked, but not cooked too much or they lose their character.