Kawakawa & Manuka Balm 45ml


A soothing natural balm made in New Zealand, this Kawakawa Balm with Manuka is useful as a general healing balm for scabs, scratches, nappy rash, and as a low-grade eczema balm

The everybody, everywhere balm that you'll wish you bought sooner. This Kawakawa Balm with Manuka is handy for basically anything! Made right here in New Zealand with natural and organic ingredients carefully selected to soothe and heal sensitive skin, our proudly made Kawakawa Balm with Manuka contains the following:


  • Kawakawa Oil - We use organic wild-crafted Kawakawa steeped in organic olive oil. One of New Zealand's most medicinal plants, Kawakawa has many magical healing properties which help to soothe and calm irritated skin.
  • Mānuka Essential Oil - Also known as Mānuka Myrtle or New Zealand Tea tree, we harness the wonderful antibacterial properties of this native New Zealand plant in our Kawakawa balm to help fight off infections and soothe irritated skin.
  • Wild Unrefined Shea Butter - Abundant in anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, we pair our Kawakawa balm with unrefined Shea Butter to help make it the balm for anything. Loaded with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E, A and F, Shea Butter is known for relieving symptoms of eczema and similar skin irritation and boosting collagen production.

How to use:

Using a product such as this Natural NZ Kawakawa Balm with Manuka has been shown to help relieve the symptoms of eczema sufferers. For best relief, begin by washing your hands and apply the balm directly to the affected area gently using a smoothing motion, rather than rubbing, to limit further irritation. While our general recommendation is to apply daily, if eczema symptoms are heightened apply 2-3 times a day (or as otherwise needed). Be sure to consult a physician should symptoms persist.

Nappy Rash:

As well as providing natural relief for treating eczema for adults and babies alike, this product is also renowned as a soothing balm to treat nappy rash and help keep babies' bottoms waterproof. Made from natural and organic ingredients right here in New Zealand, this balm is safe to use on the most sensitive skin irritations - making it a perfect gentle treatment for your baby’s nappy rash. For best results, we would recommend applying after every diaper change, particularly during your night-time nappy change as this will ensure maximum time for the balm to soak into your baby’s skin. Simply apply to red areas in a smoothing circular motion (rather than rubbing) following each nappy change, and allow your baby to soak up the natural goodness. 

General Healing Balm:

From the tip of your nose to the heel of your foot and everywhere in between, this balm is the go-to for treating dry, dehydrated or stressed skin, as well as particular problem areas. As well as providing a natural barrier to outside elements, it's packed with nourishing, healing and moisturising qualities which truly makes it a balm for anything.

Suitable for cuts and irritations, scrapes and scratches, infected spots, lip balm, cracked heels, minor burns, sunburn, blisters, chicken pox scars, new stretch marks, razor bump relief, leg and facial shaving balm, cuticle treatment, tattoo care and rejuvenation, and many more. For general relief, start by washing your hands to prevent further infection of the abrasion. Then apply directly to the irritated skin in a smooth circular motion 2-3 times upon initial irritation. As the skin begins to heal, apply once daily.