Good Morning Cereals Organic Millet Puffs 175G


For over 10,000 years millet was a trusted and nutritious food for everyone from the ancient Chinese to the long-lived Hunzas. It is the seed of a plant that belongs to the grass family and has a similar protein content to wheat. Millet in various forms is used as a couscous alternative, for bread, flour and cooked as porridge. Our organic millet usually comes from the Darling Downs but sometimes drought forces us to import.

Allergy Information:

If you have an allergy, ask about our allergy- friendly grains. Our equipment is never used for nuts, and we process grains with gluten in a completely separate production room. If you have any questions at all about potential allergens, we welcome your call.

Try a mix of buckwheat puffs, amaranth puffs, millet puffs and Quinoa puffs for a bowl of super food goodness to start your day!


Organic Hulled Millet

Nutrition Information:

Servings per pack 12.5
Serving size 14g (approx 1 cup)

Average qty
per serving
Average qty
per 100g
ENERGY 230kJ 1639kJ
PROTEIN 1.87g 13.3g
FAT, TOTAL 0.48g 3.4g
– SATURATED 0.05g 0.4g
CARBOHYDRATE 10.63g 75.7g
– SUGARS 0.05g 0.4g
SODIUM 0.14g 1mg