Eco Tan Applicator Mitt


Avoid common damage caused to the skin, such as Actinic Keratosis from the sun's harmful rays, and self-tan instead. The Eco Tan Applicator Mitt has two sides perfectly created to apply Eco Tan's tanning products easily. The smooth side is for using tanning water such as Eco Tan Hempitan Body Water, and the textured side is for creams such as Eco Tan Winter Skin, Eco Tan Invisible Tan and Eco Tan Mousse. Helping you achieve that professional result you want.

This mitt gives a streak-free finish while keeping your hands and fingers from becoming stained. Professional grade fabric provides an even distribution of Eco Tan's tanning products without any absorption.

The perfect partner for ALL Eco Tan's organic tans.

  • One side for Eco Tan's certified organic tanning waters
  • One side for Eco Tan's certified organic creams and mousse
  • One size fits all
  • Professional tanning results every time
  • Reusable; hand wash mitt after use

The Eco Tan Applicator Mitt is made from natural and recyclable fabric and material. Reusable, simply hand wash.

Use it to apply sunscreen, moisturiser, tinted moisturisers, and body lotions.

For best tanning results, exfoliate the skin 24 - 48 hours beforehand with the Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove and Eco by Sonya Himalayan Salt Scrub.