Crystal Deodorant - Unscented Roll-On - 80ml


Using a crystal deodorant appeals to many people due to its natural ingredients and lack of chemicals that can be found in many mainstream deodorants. Lasting up to 24 hours, the natural mineral qualities in the crystal prevent bacteria from forming, which is the cause of body odour.

Many chemicals in conventional deodorants are believed to be harmful or irritate sensitive skin. Either way, you can't go wrong with going natural!

Body Crystal roll-on deodorant can be used anywhere on the body to prevent body odour from occurring. Simply apply to slightly damp skin after showering, and you're good to go.

Made from natural mineral salt potassium aluminium sulfate, this ozone-friendly deodorant is safe to use. Because this is a roll-on, applying the deodorant is simple.

All Body Crystal products are NOT tested on animals; this deodorant is made in Australia.

How to Use:

Apply to the area affected by body odour and roll on evenly 2-3 times under each arm or foot. Apply to clean slightly damp skin after showering for long-lasting protection.

Rather than attempting to cover up body odour, Body Crystal Mist roll-on crystal deodorant is designed to help prevent body odour.

Allergy Information:

Contains no Aluminium chlorohydrate / Aluminium chlorohydroxide, no alcohols, and no parabens.