Bulk Chantal Whole Tahini 4 Litre

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This is our most popular tahini, made using lightly toasted whole, unhulled sesame seeds. Leaving the hulls on creates a thicker consistency and a rich, earthy flavour with little to no bitterness. This sweet, yet savoury spread is very versatile and can be used in cooking, baking or simply spread on toast.


Unhulled Sesame Seeds*. (*certified organic)

Nutritional Information:

Description Per Serving Per 100g
Energy (g) 414 2760
Protein (g) 3.7 24.5
Fat Total (g) 8.6 57
Saturated Fats (g) 1.4 9.2
Carbohydrate (g) 2 13.6
Sugar (g) 0.2 1.1
Calcium (mg) 128 859
Sodium (mg) <1 2

Net Weight: