Rhubarb in Rose 580ml


Our Gold Medal Award-winning Rhubarb in Rosé is not too sweet and not too tart, picked locally from various spray-free patches including Gus’s parents house on the Otago Peninsula.

It is then cooked to perfection in a (perfect match) rosé wine syrup. This Rhubarb is sure to up your brunch or dessert game! Break it out in a crumble when the mother-in-law comes over for dinner or enjoy it with pancakes on a Sunday morning.

We are delighted to have received a Gold medal in the 2022 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards for our Rhubarb in Rosé. We are told Gold Medals are reserved for products that the judges believe have “actually reached perfection" - give them a try for yourself! Our feedback said: "Homemade appeal without all the effort! Sticky, sweet syrup, judges would scoff every drop".