The benefit of fish oil

Fish oil is one of the most beneficial food supplements as the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains are very important for your health. In this article, we go through the benefits of this oil and how you can enjoy them.

What is fish oil?

Fish oil is extracted from fish tissue like tuna, trout, herring, salmon or anchovies.

What nutrients does fish oil contain?

Fish oil contains Omega-3 acids (around 30%), other fats and vitamins A and D. The acids found in fish oil are DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA have more health benefits than alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-sourced fatty acid.

Fish Oil

How much fish oil should I take a day?

For adults, World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 1 to 2 servings of fish per week, which translates into 1,100–1,600 mg of Omega-3 acids per day. If you are not a big fan of eating fish, you can still get the recommended amount of fatty acids from supplements.

Is it good to take fish oil every day? 

Yes, as long as you keep the daily dose to three grams. Before increasing this dose, check with your doctor about any precautions and interactions with any drugs you might be taking. Each capsule can contain 180-465 mg of EPA and 120-375 mg of DHA.

Benefit of Fish Oil

What are the benefits of fish oil?

1. It protects the health of your heart

Some studies have shown that long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil protect the heart: people who consume a lot of fish have a lower risk of developing heart disease. 

Research has found that fish oil can also reduce elevated blood pressure levels, protecting the functioning of the heart and its health.


2. It contributes to treating arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the second most common form of arthritis. Arthritis is a medical condition that causes pain and inflammation in the joints. DHA and EPA compounds in fish oil can alleviate these symptoms by consuming daily through diet or supplements.


3. It improves bone health as we age

As we age, our bones lose the essential minerals they contain, making them more susceptible to breakage. This fragility can cause health issues like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. These affections are treatable with vitamin D. The vitamin D and the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil help fight against the fragility of bones and can decrease, in some cases, the markers of bone breakdown.


4. It promotes a healthy pregnancy and the development of the fetus 

Omega-3 acids play a significant role in the human body’s growth. Fish oil that contains these acids can help the development of the fetal brain and visual capability. Some doctors advise that fish oil can also improve visual and psychomotor development when administered to children.  


5. It helps treat postpartum depression

Women with low levels of Omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be more susceptible to postpartum depression. One review conducted in 2018 has indicated that fish oil supplements taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding can reduce the risk of postpartum depression.

Fish Oil Supplement

6. Fish oil alleviates allergies and fights against asthma

Allergic symptoms and breathing issues are troublesome for adults and children. In recent years, hay fever, wheezing, eczema and the-more-serious asthma have become more common in infants and children. Researchers believe that the impaired metabolism of fatty acids may contribute to the development of asthma. Fish oil consumption by children alleviates the symptoms of allergies and can fight against asthma. 


7. It helps treat mental health conditions

Fatty acids are most abundant in the brain and support its proper functioning. The consumption ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids has been affected in the Western diet favouring the latter, which causes several health issues. Depression and mood disorders are associated with a higher intake of Omega-6 fatty acids compared to Omega-3 acids intake in a study conducted on subjects between 13 and 25 years. After adjusting the ratio, the subjects showed improvements in their depression and mood disorders.


8. It improves the health of your skin

DHA and EPA have been associated with preventing and treating skin conditions such as dermatitis and promoting healthy skin ageing. A review of twelve medical trials has indicated that consuming more vitamin D caused improvement in 50 per cent of participants aged seven to seventeen and affected by psoriasis.


9. It supports eye health

Insufficient Omega-3 acids can cause elevated Intraocular Pressure (IOP), the leading risk factor of glaucoma. Fortunately, research indicated that IOP decrease by supplementing the Omega-3 acids intake in adults, an objective easy to reach by consuming fish oil.


10. It helps fight obesity

In the past 150 years, the Western diet has known an increase in Omega-6 acids intake and a decrease in Omega-3 acids intake. One study indicates that this change contributes to the risk of being overweight and obese. Restoring the ratio to a higher intake of Omega-3 acids can decrease that risk.

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