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What Colour is the Sky

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Hare and Pīhoihoi enjoy a beautiful dawn breaking over the meadow when Pīhoihoi wonders aloud, ‘What colour is the sky?’

Hare thinks it is blue, but when they talk to Hedgehog, Snail, Mouse, Frog and Ruru, the other creatures each say the sky is a different colour.

Why do the characters see things differently? What Colour is the Sky? explores the idea that all of us have different perspectives and opinions in life. This beautifully illustrated picture book for young children explores the wonder of nature and shows the importance of listening and respecting other opinions, even when we see things differently.


TITLE: What Colour is the Sky?
SIZE: 205mmx290mm, 38 pages
PUBLISHER: Beatnik Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9951423-3-6


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