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San Elk Artisan Chicken Stock

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Our certified organic artisan chicken stock is made with dehydrated chicken and finely ground vegetables, herbs and spices to provide a bold natural flavour when added to your meals. We ensure our stock is made from the highest quality raw ingredients available and that all of the essential nutrients are retained.

We don't use any colours, preservatives or additives in our stocks.


Sea salt, corn flour*, raw sugar*, extra virgin olive oil*, onion* chicken, tomato*, garlic*, cracked pepper*, parsley* and nutmeg*.    * Denotes certified organic ingredients.


We've made a conscious effort to source grass fed and organically raised chickens from small ethical and sustainable farms where chickens are raised in their natural environment and not pumped with antibiotics, hormones or toxins or crammed in small cages.

​Maintaining strict ethical standards is something that is very important to us.  Our supplier has a fully traceable supply chain and manufactured under strict AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to guarantee integrity.


Simply dissolve one teaspoon per cup (250ml) of hot water or sprinkle as a seasoning.  To be used in the same way as a stock cube or bouillon.

Due to moisture sensitivity, always use a dry spoon when removing powder from the container.


San Elk organic artisan stock is easy to use, quick to dissolve and adds a deep flavour to soups, broths, stews, casseroles, curries, risottos, stir-fries, tofu, lentil and pasta dishes as well as couscous, sauces and gravies.

Can be sprinkled directly as a seasoning on vegetables, hot chips, fish, meat and chicken dishes.

Can be used to season and marinate roasts, meatballs, hamburgers, vegetable patties, vegetable slices, savoury muffins, quiches, falafels, arrancini balls, taco mix, souvlaki meats, bread crumb mix for coasting or as a stuffing.

Can also be mixed directly into natural yogurt and cottage cheese for quick dips and spreads.


Once the container is opened,  please ensure the lid is secured tightly as the powder is moisture sensitive.   Store container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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