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Little Bird Good Nuts Salty Seaweed Almonds – 35g

Activation means their nutrients have been ‘unlocked’ and their goodness is more bioavailable.

23 in stock


23 in stock


Sometimes nothing but a salty snack will satisfy, and the best way to do that?
Eat more seaweed!
We activate our almonds to help unlock their goodness and then coat them with wild-harvest sea lettuce and kelp and for maximum flavour. Our snacks are then dehydrated to concentrate the goodness so it fits in your pocket.

Crunchy almonds, a dash of tamari and some deliciously savoury seaweed – a salty sensation.
Enjoy after a workout, in the car, or pop them in the lunch box. Sorted.

Ingredients: Activated Almonds*(92%), Tamari*†
Sea Lettuce°(1%), Kelp°(1%), Sea Salt*
May Contain: Traces of other Tree Nuts, Sesame, Sea Shell fragments
*Certified Organic Ingredients
†Ingredient not raw
°Wild harvest

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