Blueberry, Hemp & Almond SmoothieWe love smoothies, they are easy, usually require less than 5 ingredients and super nourishing. Adding Hemp into your smoothies is a great way to increase your protein intake as well as Essential Fatty Acids. With Hemp being a seed, it’s great for those that are avoiding nuts. Hemp is one of the superfoods that contains fibre, protein, omega 3s and 6s, iron and magnesium! Now that’s something you’d want to add to your diet every day.
Pete Evans Seed & Nut BreadBread is one of the hardest foods for people to give up as it has usually been a part of their diet for as long as they can remember – toast with lashings of butter and jam for breakfast, sandwiches at lunchtime and bread (or if you were lucky, garlic bread!) as a side for dinner.
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