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Alexandra’s Rose Harissa & Coconut Lentils


Alexandra’s Turmeric & Coconut Lentils


Chantal Classic Crunchy Peanut Butter 400g


Bennetto Coffee Madagascar Chocolate 100G


Bennetto Exceptionally Dark Chocolate 100G


Yum Cacao Granola 350G


Good Morning Cereals Spelt Puffs 175G


Fresh-As Organic Coriander Powder 8g


Hammerhead Lime Zesty Spice Blend 100g


Organic Coconut Oil, Virgin Cold Pressed 600G


Nothing Naughty Raspberry White Chocolate


Nothing Naughty Mint Chocolate Cookie


Nothing Naughty Chocolate Brownie Protein bar


Molly Woppy Rum Balls Tray


Molly Woppy Choccy Coconut Ruff – 185g


Yum Vanilla Bean & Almond Pancake & Waffle Mix


Yum Mighty Fig Granola 350G


Yum Original Granola 350G


Yum Bircher Muesli 350G


Yum Coffee Deluxe Granola 350G

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