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Ocho 100% Cacao Solomons Craft Chocolate 40G


Organic Chia Seeds, Black 400G


Organic Ground Chia 300G


Organic Onion Powder Resealable Pouch 50G


Organic Raw Cacao Powder


Coconut Flour in Resealable Pouch 800G


Brazil Nuts In Resealable Pouch 250G


O’ Nuts Raving Cajin Dusted with Sea Salt 100G


O’ Nuts Raving Roast Dusted with Sea Salt 100G


Nothing But Chilli Biltong Grass Fed 50G


Nothing But Biltong Grass Fed Beef 50G


Zahtar Middle Eastern Herb & Spice Blend 40G


Chermoula Premium Spice Blend 55G


Aromatic Dukkah 120G


Traditional Dukkah 120g


Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother


Tamari Almonds


Ground Almonds Blanched (Almond Flour)


Almond Butter – 300G


Organic Almond Butter – 300G

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