Free Vegetarian Keto Meal Plan

The ketogenic or keto diet is a high-in-fat, low-in-carbohydrates diet that enables your body to enter ketosis, a natural state where it uses fat as a primary source of energy. Ketosis is possible by reducing carbs and increasing fats. The fats burned become ketones – small molecules produced by the liver, which provides our body and brain with energy for carrying out our daily tasks. 

However, being on a keto diet, which contains fewer vegetables than a regular diet, can be a challenge for a vegetarian. Since I appreciate a good challenge, in this article, you will find a seven-day free vegetarian keto meal plan to help you stick both to your keto and vegetarian eating lifestyle

So let’s dive in!

Free Vegetarian Keto Meal Plan

keto porridge
Porridge with Pumpkin Pie Spice



Porridge with pumpkin pie spice 

Both keto and vegetarian, this comfort food is the perfect way to start the day when you are craving something other than a bowl of cereal or a granola bar. This 13 g carbohydrates breakfast will warm your mornings and help you get ready for a new day in autumn or winter!

Full recipe available at Low Carb Maven.



Delicious cauliflower Mac n Cheese

Replacing traditional macaroni with roasted cauliflower paired with a sauce rich in cheese makes a great vegetarian keto lunch. This dish is a favourite for children and only has 7 grams of net carbohydrates per cup serving. Being gluten-free is another advantage of this dish if this is something you need to consider.

Full recipe available at Wholesome Yum.



Crust free spinach and cheese quiche

If you have just started a low carb diet, this meal will fit you like a glove. The three main ingredients of this recipe – spinach, cheese and eggs make this recipe low in carbs (14 g), high in fat (15 g) and packed with amazing nutrients (vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A). An inspired choice to help you stick to your eating plans.

Full recipe available at Low Carb Yum.

keto pesto noodles
Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Pesto



Deliciously light banana pancakes

Suppose you love pancakes, but the amount of carbohydrates in regular pancakes makes your daily carbs goal go down the drain. In that case, I have good news: this five simple ingredients cloud-like pancakes recipe will make you forget all about traditional pancakes.

Full recipe available from The Creative Bite.



Healthy, quick to make zucchini noodles with creamy pesto

Are you looking for a healthy recipe that you can do in less than 20 minutes, is both vegetarian and keto and can satisfy your craving for a creamy pesto? Look no further, as the mix of this recipe’s ingredients will provide your taste buds with a royal feast!

Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

Full recipe available from Eat Yourself Skinny.



Meatless eggplant with parmesan 

If you love eggplant, you will love this low carb recipe! Combined with mushrooms, the eggplant will successfully replace the meat you decided to give up for a healthier lifestyle. The mix of cheeses – Mozzarella and parmesan – will deliver extra flavour to this amazingly healthy recipe! 

Full recipe available from Simply Delicious.

Your free vegetarian keto meal plan continues!

keto breakfast salad
Raspberry and Rocket Breakfast Salad



Raspberry and rocket breakfast salad

Although this mix might sound a bit strange at first, it’s not!

The peppery taste of rocket, the rich flavour of poached eggs and the tart and sweet taste of raspberries create together a delicious texture for this 10 grams worth of carbohydrates breakfast salad!

Full recipe available at Blissfully Low Carb.



Kale soup with curried cauliflower rice

The cold season is a great moment to try out new soup recipes to keep you warm, and this low carb healthy recipe should be at the top of your list!

For extra flavour and extra nutrients, you can add peas, parsnip, carrots, and red onions. Alongside the curry powder, the garlic and the other seasonings, the result is guaranteed to make you want to cook and eat it almost every winters day!

Full recipe available at Cotter Crunch.



Cauliflower penne with vodka sauce

This cauliflower pasta is an excellent replacement for traditional penne; this cauliflower pasta tastes delicious topped with six slices of Provolone cheese and entices your senses with a vodka sauce that you can make from scratch or buy from a trustworthy store. You can easily substitute Provolone cheese with Mozzarella if you need to. The great thing about this meal is that if you follow the preparation instructions thoroughly, not even the biggest enemies of cauliflower’s flavour will sense they are eating it!

Full recipe available at I Breathe I’m Hungry.

keto lasangna
Spinach and Zucchini Lasagna



Tofu Benedict eggs with vegan Hollandaise sauce

If you think an egg-free egg breakfast is not possible, think again! This vegan recipe makes not only a great breakfast but also a handy brunch! 

The vegan Hollandaise sauce is a delight itself, as its ingredients are perfectly balanced and ready to “flood” your taste buds with flavours.

It is a luxury breakfast that you can indulge in no matter what day of the week it is!  (Omit the English muffins to ensure this dish is keto-friendy)

Full recipe available from Vegan Huggs.



Mexican flavoured cauliflower rice

“Mexican flavours” is the keyword for this keto-friendly, ready in 30 minutes, delicious lunch recipe. Think Jalapeno, garlic, tomatoes, coriander, Bell Peppers, cumin and onions, and you’re beginning to see the picture.

Moreover, aside from its amazing flavours, this recipe is full of healthy nutrients, courtesy of all the vegetables it contains.

Full recipe available from My Food Story.



Spinach and zucchini noodles lasagna 

This 10.6 carbohydrates keto recipe is an inspired choice for a delicious dinner with the entire family. 

The intertwined flavours of zucchini noodles (homemade, if possible), spinach, garlic, onions, crushed tomatoes, tomato paste and seasonings will turn this meal into an “I want a second portion” request from whoever is eating it.

Full recipe available from Primavera Kitchen.

keto taco
Tasty Spinach and Cheese Taco Shells



Keto smoothie for all seasons

Are you looking for a healthy, vegetarian, nourishing keto breakfast recipe that you can make in 5 minutes?

Look no further; this coconut milk (or unsweetened almond milk), organic peanut butter-based recipe is delicious in the colder months as well as the hot days of summer when you can serve it with two ice cubes.

Full recipe available from Broke Foodies.



Keto cauliflower falafel with Tahini sauce 

Crunchy on the outside, creamy-crunchy on the inside, this rich texture falafel is a culinary delight not only for those who follow a keto, vegetarian eating plan.

The slivered almonds, grounded to a thick texture together with specific falafel seasonings such as cumin, are the secret to hiding any cauliflower aroma that might “dread” those who don’t like this non-starchy vegetable.

Full recipe available from I Breathe I’m Hungry.



Tasty spinach and cheese taco shells

I know we’ve already had a meal or two featuring spinach in this vegetarian keto meal plan; I did it on purpose, as spinach is a star vegetable! Antioxidants, carotenoids, calcium, folic acid, vitamin C and iron are among the healthy nutrients that your body benefits from every time you eat spinach and even if just for that, I encourage you to try also this tasty meal recipe for dinner.

Full recipe available from Sweet as Honey.

keto breakfast
Portobello Mushroom Egg Toast



Portobello mushrooms egg toast

For a sunny morning, this quick to make egg toast is an awesome option! The fried eggs can be combined with either roasted or fresh tomatoes, your Portobello mushrooms can be cooked more or less, and the topping seasoning is also at your choice: thyme leaves, fresh pepper or minced garlic are just some of the options to flavour your breakfast to deliciousness!

Full recipe available from Paleo Gluten-free.



Rainbow veggies pizza

There are so many veggies in this pizza recipe that it’s impossible for somebody not to like it!

Plus, the crust is so much easier to make because it’s a cauliflower crust.

Colourful, healthy and delicious are the three main attributes of this meal that your kids will also love!

Full recipe available from Gimme Delicious.



Crunchy vegetables & keto noodles bowl

If you haven’t tried agar-based noodles yet, this recipe is a good occasion to give them a go. Praised by Asian cultures for their health benefits and no-sugar attribute, these noodles match perfectly with creamy curry sauce and with veggies such as bell peppers, mixed greens, carrots and cauliflower. 

Full recipe available from Healthful Pursuit.

keto cabbage
Cabbage Steaks with Flavoured Pesto



Crunchy veggies, creamy dressing keto salad

If you need something refreshing to start your morning with and are out of ideas, this delicious veggie salad with cheddar cheese, boiled egg and a creamy dressing is the answer.

The romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and seasonings complete the taste and flavour of this energy-boosting salad that you will want to prepare for more than just one morning!

Full recipe available at



Cabbage steaks with flavoured pesto

If you think cabbage steaks sound bland, picture this: pesto, parmesan and Feta cheese, tomato slices, marinated artichoke. All these ingredients go on top of your steak-like sliced cabbage and, after baking, will be joined by Mediterranean seasonings. 

Add to your image a sensory detail – tender, sweet, amazing texture. Now you are getting close to what this recipe is.

Full recipe available at Inspector Gorgeous.



Cauli-rice & mushroom risotto

Low in calories, low in carbohydrates and low in fat, the mushrooms are the main ingredient of this healthy, keto-friendly recipe. Together with homemade cauliflower rice and creamy sauce, the flavours of this recipe are really delicious, especially with seasonings like thyme, chives or parsley.

Full recipe available at Jeanette’s Low Carb.

That’s a wrap for your free vegetarian keto meal plan

Alright, we are almost done. A few final words regarding this free vegetarian keto meal plan: 

  • feel free to mix up the meals as per your wish – the dinner we proposed for Thursday, for example, may very well suit better your Tuesday schedule;
  • using spices is a great way to adjust or change the flavour of a meal, so don’t be afraid to experiment with spices you have never used before (as long as they meet your eating plans);
  • finding new ways to prepare these meals according to your taste will enable you to stick to your vegetarian keto diet, so explore, explore, explore

Should you need any further information regarding free vegetarian keto meal plans, please send me an email, give me a call or stop by Feinerman’s Wholefood Shop.